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MEDIA Agency

Whether it’s branded video content, photography, social media or copywriting, Machines That Dream is uniquely qualified to meet your needs.

What we do

Many claim to be able to help your auto or moto brand look good online, but few have the proven track record that we do.

Branded Content

With a team that includes world-renowned Stories of Bike Director Cam Elkins, a raft of awards including a 2019 Mumbrella Gold and YouTube videos with more than 4.3 million views, we like to think we know quite a bit about effective auto & moto-branded content.


With 35 years’ experience, we began shooting on 35mm film in the 80s. And since then we’ve shot tens of thousands of photos for brands including Triumph, Royal Enfield, Jaguar, Subaru and Mitsubishi in Australia, France, Spain, India the UK and the USA.

Project & Event Management

Whether it’s a movie premier, film shoot, new marketing campaign or world tour – we’ve probably done (and organised) it all before. Be it a quick photo shoot or a 3-month global extravaganza, we’ve got the experience to get it done.

WordPress Dev & Management

Ever created a WordPress website from scratch and developed it into a globally-recognised brand with over 400,000 unique web views a month and a similar number of social media followers? We have, and we can do the same for you.


You haven’t lived until you’ve skimmed a $20,000 video camera a few centimetres above the road at 100 km/h with a motorcycle kicking up rocks in your face. It’s one of the reasons why we’re known as amongst the best in the business.


Awesome visuals are a great start, but there’s nothing like an engaging story to impact your audience and get people sharing content. It’s what separates us from the rest. If the viewers didn’t laugh, cry, or feel, then we didn’t our job. 


You’ll find us equally at home dropping by the local bike show to take a few snaps as we are filming an alpha prototype in 4K at a test track in the UK.

Why we are different

We aren’t an agency that will sell anything for a buck and you won’t find any pet food commercials in our back catalogue. We focus on what we really love – cars and bikes.

You’ll never have to explain to us why a two-stroke exhaust sound doesn’t work over the top of your v-twin footage or how to capture an ABS system in action. We’re already there. And if it’s not authentic and engaging, we won’t use it.

And because we work for ourselves, we always have skin in the game. We aren’t turning up to a job because our boss told us to. We’re there because we’re passionate about what we do and we wouldn’t be doing anything else in the world for quids.

Finally, we have a track record that pretty hard to beat. Our passion for bikes and cars inspired us to create world-class content long before we decided to start a business. Everything we do has been honed by years of passion projects and unwavering personal commitment.


Here’s a small selection of some of the things we’ve been spending our time on lately. If you like what you see, why not get in touch?

BMW 2800 CSA by Fuel Bespoke Design and <a href='http://www.motorretro.com.au'>MotorRetro Sydney</a>


Machines That Dream is a team of like-minded media pros led by Andrew Jones, the Creative Director and bike nut behind the now-famous Pipeburn custom moto blog.

A Creative Director by trade and a photographer from childhood, Andrew posted his first story on the fledgling Pipeburn.com custom bike website early in 2010. Ten years of hard work and more than 2000 stories later, Pipeburn has now become one of the world’s biggest bike websites. Andrew’s past clients have included Toyota, Subaru, Louis Vuitton, WWF, Canon and Visa.

Then in 2016, Andrew and renowned Director Cam Elkins created the popular ‘Roads We Ride’ YouTube series for the NSW Government. Their latest project together is entitled ‘Crossroads.’ Airing on Nat Geo in late 2020, the show will be an anthology of the world’s best motorcycling roads and the amazing stories of the people who ride them. See more here.

BMW R100 RS by MotorRetro Sydney

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
– Steve Jobs

Award winning IDEAS

While we don’t do what we do for the notoriety, it’s always nice to have your hard work recognised. So we were pretty stoked when our “Roads We Ride” work took home gold in the 2019 Mumbrella awards for Content Marketing Strategy of the Year with Stories of Bike, Transport for NSW and the Reprise agency.

Machines That Dream not only came up with the original idea, we also planned the shoots, wrote the scripts, named the series, created the branding and cast the talent.

If you’d like to see the end results of all our hard work, head over to the Stories of Bike YouTube page, where you can see the entire series.

From Our Clients

Bragging about ourselves isn’t something we like to do. We prefer to let our work and the results do the talking for us. Here’s just a few.

“Their video work is second to none; what they created for us was invaluable to the successful launch of Royal Enfield’s new 650 Twins in 2019. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Anoor Pandey

Brand Strategy, Royal Enfield India

“One of Sydney’s best auto and moto photographers with global experience and a stellar track record going back a decade.”

Vaughan & Georgio

Owners, MotorRetro Sydney

“Their campaign has been recognised as an industry benchmark, recently winning a Mumbrella Award. Their passion for what they do is shown in the quality of their work.”

Paul Ibsen

Marketing Manager, Transport for NSW

Andrew’s decade of hard work on the Pipeburn blog transformed the motorcycle industry for the better. He’s a top bloke, too.”

Craig Rodsmith

Owner, Rodsmith Motorcycles


If you have any questions, requests, ideas or maybe you just want to be plain friendly, please feel free to get in touch with us using the form below.

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